Useful Fishing Information


Food and Drinks

Food and drinks of your choice are welcome on the guide boat. Please plan to transfer anything you bring from your ice chest to the boat ice chest to conserve floor space on the boat

Dry storage is also available on the boat.

Dress for Success

  • Bring and use plenty of sunscreen. The sun in Galveston is hot and reflects off the water even in the winter.
  • Bring polarized sunglasses for a more comfortable day on the water.
  • Wear a hat for protection from the sun.
  • Dress cool and comfortable in the summer and wear layers in the winter. It usually warms up on winter days.
  • Bring a rain jacket in the summer and a warm water-resistant jacket in the winter. Boat rides can be chilly during spring, fall and winter.
  • Wear boat shoes or white rubber sole shoes. PLEASE do not wear cowboy boots, hiking boots, hiking sandals or any other type of dark sole boots or shoes.

Customer FAQs

  1. What are the best days to fish? There are two preferred times to fish. Weekdays and when the weather is nice. If you can arrange to fish during the week you will find less fishing pressure and better live bait availability. The other preferred time to fish is anytime the weather is nice. Sunshine and low winds are ideal days to fish. If you can take time off to fish on short notice, select a day when the short term weather forecast is nice.
  2. Am I guaranteed to catch fish? No. Catching fish is affected by weather, tides, bait, anglers' experience and skill and of course cooperation of the fish. The Captain will do all he can to make sure customers have an enjoyable day of fishing.
  3. Weather? Any visible lightning or thunderstorms will be cause for cancellation or delay of a trip. In some cases the Captain will cancel the day before if the winds are forecast to be over 15 mph.
  4. Can I bring children? The Captain encourages getting children involved in fishing early, however, experience has shown that 13 years old is a good minimum age for inshore fishing.
  5. Can I bring my spouse? Sure. Assuming there is space available (less than four on the boat), there is no charge if a spouse wants to ride along and not fish.
  6. Can I bring my own fishing rod and reel? Certainly, but the Captain may ask you to allow him to rig it for the current best bait presentation.
  7. What type of bait will be used? Anglers will cast plastic tails on jig heads typically. Anglers with less experience may have better success with live bait. The Captain will discuss bait options with each angler group.
  8. What type of fish will we catch? Most likely customers will catch speckled trout and redfish. During the fall flounder run the Captain may target flounder. The Captain does not participate in the winter jetty run of bull redfish, black drum and sheepshead.
  9. Where will we fish? Depending on conditions you may fish anywhere from West Bay to East Bay and points in between.
  10. What is CPR Fishing? Catch-Photo-Release is encouraged by the Captain but is certainly not required.

Processing Your Catch

The Captain will filet and place fish in ziplock bags. Please bring an ice chest for the trip home to keep fish filets cold.

Texas Saltwater Fishing License - PFD’s

  1. Anyone (resident or non-resident) over 16 years of age must have a current Texas Parks and Wildlife saltwater fishing license. Licenses can be purchased online at the following link:
  2. Lifejackets (PFDs) must be worn by anyone under 13 years old. Please let the Captain know well in advance if you will require a child size (weight less than 90 lbs.) life jacket. Please note that inflatable PFD's are not allowed for persons under 16 years old.